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Sizzla Youth Foundation

Carradice Cares

The Sizzla Youth Foundation was founded by the reggae artist, Sizzla. Its mission and purpose is to increase literacy programs while encouraging Jamaican children to excel academically, culturally and creatively. This organization is in partnership with the University of West Indies, Social Development Commission, Citizen Security Justice Program, Project Management Institute and the August Town Police on several projects. These collaborative efforts are to elevate the spirits and station of young people while building dreams, creating hope and fostering interpersonal growth and social development for them and their communities. The end goal is to empower youth so they may be able to walk in higher social consciousness.

The Sizzla Youth Foundation encourages mental emancipation, preservation of heritage, economic freedom for Jamaica’s youth and their communities through education and activism. Sizzla message is, "No crime, no violence…education is the key. Stay in school. Africa!"

Sizzla and Carradice's   father,  Poppa Mikey

Sizzla and Carradice's father, Poppa Mikey

Sizzla and Author:  Valrie Kemp-Davis

Sizzla and Author: Valrie Kemp-Davis

Be a part of the Sizzla Youth Foundation. Your help is needed! To donate or volunteer, email the following: 

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